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Iceland in August

Iceland is definitely one of our favourite countries when it comes to adventure riding! Or what could be more adventurous than lava deserts, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, water passages and long gravel roads. As always on our trips, really good riding is our main focus, but when on Iceland there are certain places you just have to visit along the road.

This trip takes us from the Reykjavik area north, via the most interesting places such as Geisyr, the shining waterfall Gullfoss and the Unesco world heritage Þingvellir where the Eurasian and North American continental plates meet. During a long day we cross the Icelandic highland to the mystic lake Myvatn, Husavik (with whale safari for those who wishes) & one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes Askja. We then cross the desolate Icelandic highland one more time to finish our trip in the fairytale landscape of Landmannalaugar.

We have simply put together a trip with as many highlights as possible during these 8 days. This is an intense week on a motorcycle, with possibility to easier riding or a day of rest at some occasions.


Experienced with Iceland

”The first time I visited Iceland was in 2003, only a few months after I crossed Africa from north to South on a motorcycle. The reason that I booked the trip was simply that I got really restless when I got home, and I needed a new adventure. Maybe Iceland doesn´t sounds like an adventure after Africa, but in fact I realized that after only two weeks on Iceland I had been riding on more different grounds than during six months in Africa. The riding is almost unbeatable, like riding in a fairytale that consists of everything you could wish for when it comes to challenges!

After my first trip to Iceland is has become four more, 2006, 2011, 2012 & 2015. In total, I have spent more than three months on this fantastic island, and there are always more to be fascinated over. Already in 2012 I did a scouting tour for trips to Iceland with my colleague Per Wallin, and we even did a promotion movie (that you can see here on the webpage). Unfortunately the following years were very busy, with the start of Touratech Offroad School, so we had to put these plans on hold. But NOW, you finally have the possibility to join us for a trip on motorcycle on Iceland, and we promise that it will be an experience that you will never forget!” – David Johansson, CEO Touratech Nordic & Certified BMW Motorrad Tourguide.



The trips are organized in August & September, the only time of the year that you can be sure that the snow has melted on all of our passages and the weather is at it´s best. We ride mostly on gravel/offroad, but of course there will be some asphalt too. During the trip you have two tourguides on motorcycle, and we have the possibility to divide into one faster and one slower group when needed. During two of the days there are also easier and harder route options, or the possibility to take a day off. We have our support vehicle with us all the time, and here we bring lunch, coffee, water, spare parts, tools and even a motorcycle when needed.