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References – opinions from participants



“I had a fantastic day on the bike, mostly asphalt roads, but amazing ones and beautiful nature. It is soooooo beautiful here. We are staying at a very cosy place by the sea! I was given a white 800GS, which works perfectly on asphalt, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow on gravel…  I’ve been a bit worried about my riding and haven’t really found my way back after my little crash, but everything felt very good today. Now I’m off to take a shower after which I’m looking forward to dinner and maybe a glass of red wine!”

Zara Lahouar, Upplands-Bro, Sweden –  participant Portugal February 2014

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“I watched the video about the trip many times before heading down to Portugal, and my expectations climbed higher every time. I liked the scenery and thought it was very cool when you could hear the rocks fall down behind the BMW at the hill by the “waste tip”. I wondered how it was going to turn out in reality? Would the roads be difficult and would I be able to stay with the group at all the rough parts?!”

Roland Jansson, Uppsala, Sweden – participant Portugal February 2014

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“Yesterday we fell asleep with an anticipation so thick, you could cut it with a knife. It was just like being a kid again, like the day before Christmas. You know, going to sleep as early as possible, so that morning would come soon. Hotel breakfast together with a bunch of inspiring people, looking out over the Atlantic and a clear blue sky. Everyone in the group were new to me, except for Håkan, whom I met at Touratech Offroad School in Säfsen last year.”

Eric ”Ecke” Steijer, Stockholm, Sweden – participant Portugal February 2014

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“A week with Touratech in Portugal is definitely the best active vacation I have ever had. Instead of the regular skiing trip, it was fantastic to take part in an active riding experience with wonderful food and board and a wine cellar with the most amazing variety of undescribably good wines. The instructors are well qualified and even for someone like me, who has been riding for almost 46 years, there was a vast amount of new things to learn about handling a motorcycle in different situations. And all of this in the most amazing surroundings! This type of experience is something I will definitely prioritise in the future. See you at one of Touratech Adventure Travel’s trips!”

Stefan Wärnklint (an unbelievably satisfied traveler) Tidaholm, Sweden – participant on test trip, Portugal February 2013



“Leaving the cold north in February and saddle up in 20 degrees Celcius to enjoy some carefree exploring of fantastic routes in a dreamy setting was the perfect experience for an offroad enthusiast like me. The week was full of all kinds of challenges, a perfect mix of gravel, grass, water passages and winding roads!

An unexpected but well-appreciated surprise was ending the riding days at Spa Alba with massages, three-course dinners and relaxation in beautiful surroundings as well as jogging and walking along the Atlantic coast. I am already looking forward to a development with a trip over to North Africa and spending a few days in the Atlas Mountains with the same eminent tour guides!!!”

Nisse Holmström, Lidköping, Sweden – participant on test trip, Portugal February 2013



“We really enjoyed this trip, because we were finally able to combine Lars’s motorcycling enthusiasm with a regular vacation for Mia, who could come along in the support vehicle, when she felt like it. This is something we have never been able to do before!

The flights and transfers went well, it was lovely to be picked up at the airport and not having to worry about where to go. The resort and spa were also fantastic with amazing service. It felt luxurious to stroll down to the spa and enjoy the hot tub and sauna after a full day of riding. Even the food was top class.

The riding was spectacular. We loved going up and down the mountains, the scenery and the experience itself. Everything was very well organised, especially the service provided by the support vehicle. This trip is definitely warmly recommended, it was wonderful!”

”Gravel-Lars” Arvidsson and Mia Blom, Vedum, Sweden – participants on test trip, Portugal February 2013



“Getting a call from a friend on a cold, dark autum day, inquiring about taking a riding trip to Portugal, is a question that you instinctively say “YES” to. On a snowy morning in February it was time to travel to a more sunny place together with Touratech. The whole trip was very well organised, all the way from the pick up at the airport to the transfer back a week later. The accommodation upheld a high standard, with everything you could wish for for the entire family. The view over the Atlantic at dinner and breakfast isn’t something you get to enjoy every day.

The riding can not be explanained in a short manor. Someone like me, who wasn’t that experiened in riding on gravel roads, really appreciated the training. It makes you feel really safe on the motorcycle after a few cold months up in Sweden. The roads David and Torgrim had chosen for us were absolutely magical! The smile didn’t fade all week! Having a support vehicle backing us up, makes you feel safe and provides you with food. Oh yes, having lunch on top of a hill with an undescribable view is something you miss during the winter months. I wish I could participate in this trip every year!”

Lars ”Garmin” Eriksson, Gotheburg, Sweden – participant on test trip, Portugal February 2013



“Fantastic surroundings with divine gravel roads and small passages, good teachers who are passionate about adventure riding, worth every penny. I would probably never find a better place to enjoy offroad riding like this. Magical roads and water passages! The area is brilliant, no matter the riders skill level. Basic training doesn’t get better than this, and I know what I’m talking about.”

Anderas Widell, MC-instructor / driving instructor, Lidköping, Sweden – participant on test trip, Portugal February 2013



“Never-ending gravel roads on rolling hills with a fantastic view… Suddenly the tour guide stops and tells us to turn around. We drive half-way back where the support vehicle is waiting for us with lunch on a white table cloth. It was so fantastic, if felt unreal!”

Henric Reimer, Filsbäck, Sweden – participant on test trip, Portugal February 2013